Arsene Wenger has a new job.

Or at least a new part-time job anyway.

Following his departure after 22 years as Arsenal manager, the Frenchman has been questioned regularly on what he intends to do next, where he goes next.

And that has been revealed today – he’s going to be a World Cup pundit for BeIN Sports.

Wenger admitted he had received a number of offers for new jobs following the end of the Premier League season, but, having worked with BeIN Sports in the past, the Arsenal legend will, for the time being at least, focus on media work during the World Cup, before evaluating his future.

The former Arsenal manager believes he will go abroad, rather than facing Arsenal in competition.

He said during his final press conference: “That would be very difficult [to face Arsenal], I think on that day I would stay at home. At the moment I don’t envisage that.

“I had offers. But at the moment I did not even speak to anybody, I had many offers but I come out of such a long process. You can’t come out and the next morning say I go somewhere else. It’s impossible.

“Maybe it’s better I go somewhere else.”

Mikel Arteta is expected to be named the successor to Wenger at the Emirates, with the former Gunners player reportedly having had talks with the club about taking the reins yesterday.



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