As revolution is taking place in football, for the first time centre referees would be wearing an headset, and this has been described as a revolutionary Video Assistant Referee by FIFA.

FIFA confirmed that the VAR headset which has been tested would officially be used at the World Cup in Russia.

FIFA on Saturday gave a thumbs-up to the device designed to speed up controversial video decisions.

Instead of referees rushing to view a pitch-side TV, they would be able to see VAR images instantly on a 3D digital screen.

Boffins at electronics giants Sony came up with the idea to combine real pictures with virtual-reality.

The device has a built-in grid-work of digital lines which relates with the turf would allow refs to make accurate offside calls while a unique motion scanner can also detect players diving — all in real time.

FIFA got former top ref Mark Halsey to trial the device after he wore a ref-cam for a 4-4 TV charity match between Salford City and the Class of 92 last year.

And Premier League refs have also tried it out in training.

Halsey donned the device in a behind-closed-doors game in Russia.

His verdict: “This is a real game-changer. It will revolutionise VAR.

“The current process takes too long, fans are moaning it’s ruining the game. But with this, referees can make correct decisions instantly.

“The headset can also beam images to giant screens in the stadiums, so fans can see what is going on for themselves.”

Fifa believe the system is foolproof and their spokesperson Avril Blague said: “The trials proved this headset is the future for VAR.”



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