Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather has dropped the biggest hint yet that he will face Conor McGregor once again – but this time it will be in UFC instead of the boxing ring.

The two went head-to-head in a lucrative bout in Las Vegas last August, with the American hanging up his gloves after dismantling the Irishman.

But with talk of a rematch under MMA rules in the Octagon gathering pace, Mayweather admits he is keen to strike a  deal.

Mayweather told SHOWTIME Sports: ‘Retirement has been great but as everybody knows, I go to retirement, I come back. Is it possible I’ll come back? Yes, but if I do, it has to be in the octagon.

‘I spoke with my team, Al Hayman says no, but I spoke with Showtime and CBS. If we can get together with Dana White and the UFC to make a mega-fight happen, one fight, it could be against Conor McGregor, we don’t know.

‘Meaning I know that when we fought we both sold the fight, the world loved what we did. But outside the ring you have to carry yourself like a gentleman.’

A question mark has been placed over McGregor’s own future after he was arrested earlier this month and charged with three counts of assault after crashing the UFC 223 media event in New York.

The incident culminated in McGregor throwing objects at the bus of UFC star Khabib Nurmagomedov, smashing a window and injuring lightweight fighter Michael Chiesa.

And though Mayweather concedes his rival ‘has other things to deal with’, he is keen on meeting again.

‘When I do go to the Octagon I look forward to going to probably around 145 (lbs), if that’s a weight class. But right now I’ve got my promoter hat on.

‘We don’t know (if we’re going to do it). (Do I want to?) Absolutely, Only if the money is right. The money will always be right. You talk to my team about that, we’ll all get on the same page. Of course the numbers are going to be crazy.



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