Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has officially announced his resignation after 22 years at the club and the Frenchman’s shocking announcement is hugging major headlines.

His resignation comes at a period where Arsenal are in contention to win their first ever continental title as they face Spanish giants Atletico Madrid next week in the Europa league semi final.

Although, Wenger’s looming departure was greeted with extreme joy by many fans of the London club, the players will be looking the give a farewell gift by winning the Europa League in his last season as manager.

However, despite a group believing Wenger’s three Premier League and seven FA Cup trophies, not enough to show for his 22 years at Arsenal, one person that will be proud of his remarkable achievements is his daughter – Lea Wenger.

Lea Wenger is the only child of outgoing 68-year-old Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger.

The gaffer has been fiercely protective over his private life.

Who is Lea Wenger

Born in 1998, Lea is the daughter of Arsene Wenger and former basketball player Annie Brosterhous (Wenger’s ex-wife).

As a child, she grew up at the couples’ North London home and it was rumoured she urged her father and mother (Wenger and Brosterhous) to tie the knot in 2010 after they dated for some years.

However, Wenger and Brosterhous separated in 2015 amid reports that the Arsenal manager was in a relationship with a younger woman.

Two years later, Lea graduated from Cambridge University in 2017.

Arsene Wenger was pictured attending his daughter’s graduation ceremony



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