Nigeria has undoubtedly made major marks in global football with Nigerian teams hitting notable milestone as first side outside Europe to win the Olympic Games gold medal in 68 years following the exploits of Kanu Nwankwo-led Dream Team of 1996.

That is not all, the Nigerian U23 football team also became the first in the world to win gold, silver and bronze medal of the Olympics Games three years ago before Brazil later on the same day equaled the mark.

Those and more are the marks of the Nigerian football on the global scene that most football followers may not have noticed.

Those are just the tips on the iceberg as the upcoming book, “Super Eagles@70; Soaring on the Wings” unveils the hidden treasure of information on Nigeria’s national team.

Written by Kunle Solaja, the book is easily a major Nigerian contribution to global football literature. Some intriguing revelation is made. For instance, while it may be known that Nigeria’s first national team was composed in 1949, the actual date may not have been known before now.

The latest work of football historian, Kunle Solaja has revealed the fact. The book reveals the first player to score a hat trick for the national team.

Some other issues that got answered include Nigeria’s first scorer in a World Cup qualifying match; the first scorer in an Africa Cup of Nations qualifying series; the first match in which the offside rule was first applied in Nigeria among others.

There are more. The book offers the information on the first time the Nigeria national team was involved in a tiebreaker, penalty shootout and the first Nigerian player to be expelled at an international match.



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