How fast do you think a two year old can run and the mother wouldn’t be able to get her, especially if she is determined to?

This is usually one of the joyful games of motherhood.

And that it is exactly what Tennis champion and mother of two year Alexis engages in more now

When she’s off the court, Williams faces one of the biggest challenges

Yes; Chasing her 2-year-old daughter who loves nothing more than to gleefully run away.

Serena Williams is one of the greatest athletes in the world. She has 23 Grand Slam titles, a training schedule that would intimidate even the most seasoned athletes, and she got her first endorsement deal when most people her age were focused on getting a driver’s license.

Her little girl’s latest thing is running, Williams tells Woman’s Day about her daughter Alexis.

“I hate that, but I do it because she loves it. It’s when you just chase her all day. I run for a living; the last thing I want to do is chase you. But she loves it.”

Williams who became a mother in 2017 said motherhood has changed her life in many ways.

“I just feel like now I do a lot more for my daughter,” She says. “Well, I do everything for her actually. I’m a really hands-on mom.”

In addition to the constant running and chasing that takes place between the two of them, Williams says she and Alexis share a love of playing dress up. The hobby comes as no surprise, given Williams’ background in fashion, and Alexis sounds like a fashionista in the making with her favorite dress up outfit: a “mermaid princess dress that she wears every day.

Between being a world-renowned athlete, a businesswoman, and a mother — among other things — one can only imagine the pressure on Williams to be a superstar in all aspects of her life. As for the questions of “having it all” or juggling work, family, and some sort of social life, Williams thinks the pressure is put disproportionately on women and mothers.

“I feel like a lot of stuff is put on women when men can also parent and do a really good job at being parents,” she says. “It’s only talked about the pressures on women of being superheroes. For me, it’s all about equality and making sure that everyone is treated the same

Source+ Woman’s Day



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