It sounds like tales from a story book but it is real. Neymar has a new stepfather. He is called Tiago Ramos.

He is the new boyfriend of Neymar’s mother. Neyma’s mother, Nadine Goncalves revealed this on her Instagram account that she has a new boyfriend.

He is six years younger than the Brazilian and dances on TikTok.

Although, it is not known how the love birds met but their relationship has Neymar’s approval and that of the rest of the family

And they all welcomed the new addition with open


Ramos has got two jobs
He is a model and gamer. He belongs to the Brazilian club of ‘eSports’ 4k Easy Game but he also loves football.

His social media accounts have lots of followers and on TikTok, he entertains them. He tends to upload videos in which he is dancing to the rhythm of famous songs. Mainly pop songs.



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