The big news is that Mateschitz wants to bring his four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel back to Red Bull Racing.

Formula 1 journalist Christian Nimmervol, editor for Motorsport-Total said that he has concrete information that Helmut Marko was instructed by Dietrich Mateschitz to get their “lost son” Vettel back to Red Bull Racing before 2022.”

“Alexander Albon would then switch to AlphaTauri, causing Daniil Kvyat to lose his seat in Formula 1”, he continues via the German website. After the moves in the driver market, the Russian would then be the biggest loser. Mateschitz is therefore looking forward to a return of the Heppenheimer, but has to face significant obstacles to complete this.

What needs to be done for Vettel’s return

According to Nimmervol, there are three conditions associated with a new partnership with Vettel. The first condition is in the hands of Albon: “Albon’s performance must not be better compared to that of Max Verstappen. Albon could have won in Spielberg, although this does not hide the fact that he lacks pure speed compared to Verstappen.”

“Mateschitz must convince the Thai Yoovidhya family that a return from Vettel is a good idea. The family owns 51 percent of Red Bull and loves to have a Thai driver in the sport”, he says regarding condition two. 

And finally, Vettel must be willing to accept the challenge: “Vettel needs want it fiercely. And he must “have the balls” to make another attempt alongside the extremely talented Verstappen, after a difficult period with Charles Leclerc”. If these hurdles are overcome, nothing would stand in the way of Vettel’s return.

Why would Red Bull and Verstappen want this?

Another question is why Red Bull would like this idea and why Verstappen is waiting for Vettel. Nimmervol emphasises that one of the largest markets of the energy drink manufacturer is the DACH region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland). Vettel is still very popular there, which makes it attractive from a marketing point of view.

The transfer would also be good news for Verstappen. Being faster than Albon isn’t nearly as impressive as being faster than a four-time world champion. Any race that Verstappen loses to his current teammate will be more painful than if that loss happened against Vettel.
Credit: MaximumF1



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