2020 marks a year of celebration as Formula 1 will look back at 70 years of the world championship, honouring the greatest drivers and races to have graced the pinnacle of motorsport.

Today we celebrate 70 years of F1. From the very first race in 1950 the FIA has striven to push boundaries, forge passion, and pursue excellence in the sport we love. Today we remember 70 years of incredible history, and look forward to an even brighter future.

New logos are just the start F1 have unveiled a trio of new designs that teams will be able to recolour and use throughout the season as with 33 world champions, 108 Grands Prix winners, 764 drivers and more than 150 teams, there’s a lot to look back on for F1’s 70th anniversary.

Stay tuned for a year of jubilation, and with it a 22-race calendar with the Dutch Grand Prix and Vietnam Grand Prix gracing a spectacular schedule



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