Hamilton was out driving his new £70,000 electric Mercedes when suffering the tyre blow out, he had to help out changing the tyre.

LEWIS HAMILTON is used to life in the fast lane – but now he has had a taste of what it’s like in the pit lane.

Getting tyres changed in a matter of seconds is par for the course for F1 world champ Hamilton.

The Brit hero – whose victory in this month’s Eifel GP meant he equalled Michael Schumacher’s record of 91 race wins – has everything put on a plate for him by Mercedes in his day job.

But he had to get his hands dirty like the pit lane mechanics he relies on after suffering a tyre blow out.

Hamilton, 35, was cruising in his new £70,000 electric Mercedes EQC when one of the wheels went boom.

And he wrote alongside the snaps: “We had a tyre blow out on the motorway and had to stop at the station.

“Took a minute to change the wheel but once done, I was back on the road in the EQC.

“It’s the best not having to refuel.”

One fan joked in response to Hamilton’s tweet: “Where’s the Mercedes pit crew when you need them?”

Another quipped: “A minute? What happened to 2.4 seconds?!”

A fellow fan said: “Maybe when you retire from racing you might get a job with the crew who change tyres during F1.”

Hamilton has a £13million car collection which includes a £4m Shelby and £1.6m Pagani Zonda 760 LH.

He could top Schumacher’s race win record at this weekend’s Portugal GP.

But longtime rival Sebastian Vettel believes Schumacher is still the GOAT because he had more ‘natural’ talent.

Vettel said: “I think he [Schumacher] was better than anybody else I’ve ever seen so far. I think he had a natural talent that is very difficult to explain.”



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